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I plan to take part in an exhibition. What to start from? What to do for a stand be noticed?

This question bothers many people, if not all exhibition participants. We offer you to use the 8 step system


Step one. Find your zest!

Probably, your products are distinguished by a good quality or bright design? Popular personalities use your products? Any detail will suit which can be used during concept development and exhibition stand design.


Step two. Find your visitor.

For whom are our products or service intended? For serious and successful men? For pretty women? Or is this stand an image project of your company? Think what questions of a potential client you will be able to solve at a stand. LGROUP specialists will help make your exhibition stand as much comfortable, cosy and attractive as possible, first and foremost, for the target audience.


Step three. Exhibition stand price.

What is the budget of your participation? It is not always required to create something complicated to be noticed, sometimes laconism works much more effective and cuts costs drastically. There are many materials for manufacturing exhibition stands differed in price and quality. Choose what will suit you namely!


Step four. Exhibition stand design.

LGROUP professionals have many years of work experience in the field of exhibition stand design. The time for manufacture of a design layout depends on many factors and may take from 1 to 10 working days, depending on project load and complexity.


Step five. Where to buy an exhibition stand?

Manufacture of exhibition stands, like design, should be entrusted to professionals, and it is best of all that design and creation of a layout is assumed by a reliable company.


Step six. Exhibition stand production.

After conceptual design negotiation and entry into a contract we start a range of activities for production of an exhibition stand which includes design drawings, purchase of necessary materials and production works.


Step seven. Exhibition stand accreditation.

It is not important where your individual exhibition stand will be placed: in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kazan — remember for sure that a company which will mount it must deliver a package of documents for accreditation: detail drawings, lighting and acoustic system connection diagrams and many others.


Step eight. Exhibition stand mounting.

On the last mounting day it is necessary to perform an inspection of the work done, and, probably, hint a project manager what changes must be made. LGROUP employees always care that our clients are 110% ready by the start of an exhibition!


Exhibition costs. How to form a budget?

We recommend that a summary table be compiled, which must include the following cost items:

  • Exhibition space lease (sq.m.).
  • Registration fee.
  • Exhibition stand (design, construction, decoration, additional equipment, operational costs).
  • Pre-exhibition advertising campaign (target mailing, advertisement in printed publications, advertisement over the Internet).
  • Advertising and sponsorship opportunities of an exhibition.
  • Participation in a business program of an exhibition.
  • Conduction of business events at an exhibition (seminars, presentations, master classes).
  • Advertising-information materials (leaflets, booklets, catalogues, souvenirs, brand packets, stationeries).
  • Personnel, including attracted personnel for work at a stand (hostess, reception-manager, administrator, translators).
  • Services (loading-unloading operations, technical personnel, cleaning, security, photo and video, Internet access).
  • Logistics (transportation of equipment, materials, customs clearance).
  • Catering.
  • Miscellaneous (conduction of marketing studies, representation costs).
  • Contingencies.

The ultimate result of participation in an exhibition will be affected not only by the budget sizes but also by efficient use of exhibition opportunities.

With LGROUP company yon can be confident in the effective use of your exhibition budget!


How much does an exhibition stand cost?

The cost of an exhibition stand is affected by too many factors (stand area, wall height, wall configuration, used materials and many others), for this very reason we provide an exact cost estimate only after conceptual design of a stand or exhibit for your company is ready.


How much a conceptual design of an exhibition stand cost?

Clients of LGROUP company get a conceptual design of an exhibition stand absolutely for free. An important condition is the fact that you can use the obtained layout only with our consent.

Is it possible to carry out development of an exhibition stand based on a design-layout of another developer?

It is possible to carry out development based on a layout of another company only if our company bought this layout from the executor.

What is the deadline for filing an application for design of an exhibition stand?

An application may be filed not later than 20 working days before an exhibition provided that you know for sure how your exhibition stand must look like.


What are requirements for design-layout files?

If you decide to prepare files for printing on your own, please make sure that you added a 5 mm cutting allowance on each side. The distance of texts and logos must be placed at a distance of minimum 30 mm from an edge. Files for printing must be of a real size in TIF, CMYK, 120 dpi format. LZW compression may be used. A logo file must be in a vector format cdr / eps / pdf / ai.


What to do if a graphic file turned out to be heavy and it cannot be sent via E-mail?

Use file sharing services. For example, The maximum size of loaded files is 2 Gb.

Are there rules for personnel behavior at an exhibition?

Of course, there are. We recommend that these rules be communicated to all employees who will work at your exhibition stand.


  1. Do not rush on the visitors’ way, allow them to come to a stand;
  2. Do not stay chatting at corners with other employees;
  3. Do not sit constantly drinking coffee;
  4. Do not leave visitors alone for a long time;
  5. Do not ask “Can I help you?” Ask open questions requiring a detailed answer;
  6. Do not promise to send literature forgetting to write an E-mail address of a client;
  7. Do not stand in a position blocking access to your stand;
  8. Do not sit reading newspapers;
  9. Do not allow visitors to feel an obstacle. Personnel at a stand must radiate enthusiasm and demonstrate interest and involvement in every way. Sales may be lost both in case if personnel attacks visitors approaching a stand and if visitors are left alone.


In which cities does LGROUP develop exhibition stands?

Geography of our projects is wide. We work in all regions of Russia, in Belarus, Kazakhstan and abroad. We are ready to increase coverage and will be glad to build a stand for you in any corner of the world.

What can be taken from an exhibition stand after an exhibition?

All equipment provided to your company for a period of exhibition work belongs to LGROUP. Some details of an exhibition stand can be taken, however this possibility must be negotiated in advance with your LGROUP manager.


Can an exhibition stand be bought?

LGROUP leases out exhibition stands. We design stands taking into account all your desires specified in a design specification for development of a conceptual design of an exhibition stand. We carry out procurement of all materials, printing, production, mounting, maintenance during an exhibition and demounting of a stand after an exhibition. Thus, you get a full service and a new exhibition stand at each event. If you consider that it is too expensive to pay for an exhibition stand at each exhibition, and mobile stands are already not your level, then below is a small list of questions which you encounter after acquisition of an exhibition stand.

  • Before an exhibition it is necessary to find people for mounting and demounting.
  • Collect a required document package for accreditation in technical inspectorate of an exhibition complex.
  • Rent an exhibition space suitable for your stand.
  • Assign a responsible company employee who will look after an exhibition stand mounting and demounting process.
  • For demounting take necessary tools, boxes, bags, packing materials, scotch, vacuum cleaner, clean up after yourself.
  • Find a place for your stand storage.
  • Transport your stand from a place of storage to the place of exhibition and back.
  • Order lost or broken parts of an exhibition stand etc.

Too difficult? LGROUP company is always ready to help and render a full range of exhibition services. We sincerely believe that everyone must do its own business!