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Order two-level exhibition stands

Two-level exhibition stands is a complex engineering product, which is assembled from special modules.

Made of heavy-duty materials, assembled by professionals-two-level stands are reliable and safe to use.

But the violation of technology at any stage of production, Assembly or use can lead to a fall not only of the design, but also of the reputation of the represented company.

The second floor of the exhibition stand not only attracts attention and serves as a visible example of the company’s respectability — it opens up additional opportunities for the exhibition participant to increase the useful area of the stand, its design and zoning. For example, on the second floor you can place a room for private negotiations, literally rising above the hustle and bustle of the exhibition hall.

The two level stand is subject to strict rules of technical control and regulations in force at the exhibition site, so you need to order the installation of equipment from professionals.

Whether you have purchased modules for a two — level exhibition stand, or rented-installation performed by our specialists, will save you from worrying about the strength of the structure.

Individual approach and competent design combined with high quality and reliability of designs provide a result that consistently exceeds all expectations!

Ready-made design Two level Exhibition stand

Leave a request and we will help you choose the best option for you!

Why you need the company «LGROUP»:

  • The stand of Your company will be designed and implemented by professionals who are passionate about their work It offers all the experience of our specialists in the implementation of both standard solutions and exclusive and technically complex projects
  • ur company will develop a design for you” from scratch or make a reality of your own project — Your stand will fully meet your ideas and wishes.
  • Your individuality will be expressed in original solutions by the design team.
  • Fantasy, new ideas and creativity are their profession. You value flexibility in pricing, and we will not disappoint your expectations.
  • You can count on us everywhere.
  • We have already built exhibition stands in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg ,Sochi, Krasnoyarsk, and many other cities of Russia.
  • And also in Belarusian Minsk and Kazakh Alma- ATA.

Your success is our goal!