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We create individual exhibition stands

turnkey starting with the development of ideas and images and ending with the dismantling of the structure after the exhibition. You can also come to us with your project: our experts will produce an exclusive stand that is fully consistent with the project documentation.

The exhibition is a great way to loudly announce your company, attract new customers, tell about new products to partners already working with you.

But how to attract attention at the industry exhibition, among hundreds of competitors?

How to stand out from them, not to get lost among the same type of stands?

The answer to this question can be only one-an individual exhibition stand.

Unique, conceptual, exclusive-this stand will be a great advertising move.


Ready-made design Individual Stands

Leave a request and we will help you choose the best option for you!

What will your company get from an individual exhibition stand?

-You will be able to stand out from the competition. Even a small exhibition stand with an exclusive design attracts more attention than standard, similar modules. Bright design, unusual shape, unique decor will not let you get lost even on the largest exhibition area.

You’ll be remembered. Human memory keeps longer what stands out from the General series. Individual exhibition stand allows you not only to put the logo on the panel above the stand, put the information Desk and spread out on two or three showcases represented product. Our designers will help you to make your stand unforgettable by presenting your logo, symbols, brand or features of your product as brightly and creatively as possible.

— Individuality works on your reputation. You are ready to invest money in advertising. You do not only produce goods or provide services

— You understand human psychology. You are unique and ready to prove it with your work. All this will tell about your company the individual design of your exhibition stand. -You will get the attention of the target audience that you need. What exactly do you want to say about yourself and your company? Are you conservative, stable, committed to tradition?

Are you creative and ready to overtake the time? The design of an individual stand will tell you about Your concept in the language of forms and images. You will interest and attract the attention of those potential customers for whom your ideas and attitude to life are close — and this is the key to long-term partnership and mutual understanding. By contacting us Your company will receive:

— Individual exhibition stand «turnkey». Our work begins with the development of the idea and ends with the dismantling of the stand at the end of the exhibition. Also we can make an exhibition stand on Your, already ready, project. The company «LGROUP» guarantees You the speed of execution, impeccable quality, certified materials, in full compliance with project documentation, and most importantly, reasonable price.

— The widest possibilities of design Any size, any configuration, any style, any materials. Specialists of the «LGROUP» company will consider all your wishes, will give advice, will offer several options of the decision — You will only need to make a final choice.

— Maintenance of high-level specialists The more complex the design, the higher qualification is required from developers and installers. Our employees closely monitor all innovations in the field of building exhibition stands and closely cooperate with foreign partners. They must be accredited in the technical control of exhibition complexes.

— Equipping your company’s stand with all necessary Equipment will be not only exclusive, but also convenient. We will provide it with everything you need, install high – quality lighting and sound design, provide the necessary communications, demo screen, Internet Order an individual stand with us-is to get an exclusive design of excellent quality at a reasonable price. Contact us! We carry out construction of individual stands throughout Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus!